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Paintrock Trapper Cardona Potter K703 Pedigree

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Finding a cattle breed that is adaptable to both weather and resources is a challenge in itself, but finding a breed which can convert low quality feed to high-quality product like the Aberdeen-Angus can, is quite near to impossible.

With the Aberdeen-Angus, no other breed can ensure longevity as well. Whatever the operation, making a reasonable profit is the single most important part and with this breed in particular, you are guaranteed a very good payback on your investment.

Aberdeen-Angus cattle are the breed that work alongside your business and with the capability to adapt, it means you doesn't have to. If you're indecisive on what breed of cow to operate with, our Aberdeen-Angus are the number one and most used breed in the red meat sector.

All of our cows go through the Sire Verified Scheme which ensures they are individually DNA tested to prove they belong to this premium breed of cow. This helps set consistent standards regarding traceability and unauthenticity in the industry. Giving the customer the guarantee that they are purchasing a quality product has always been the main goal but now more than ever, traceability has to be totally accurate.