Herd History

The Penguin Angus Herd started in Codsall, Wolverhampton in 1976 as a hobby farm, first registering cattle in 1978. The herd was then moved to the Windy Meadows Farm in Newport, Shropshire in 1985. This was the start of a more professional operation. With early purchases of females from dispersals and private sales. In the early 80s we first ventured to Canada and saw the potential that they had to offer the UK in genetics so we imported females and bulls to really establish the Penguin Herd. From those early days we still have cow families at Penguin today. Now we concentrate more on confirmation and figures of cattle when choosing our imported embryo's. We also run a small herd of doner cows and have maintained this at Penguin for many years. Over the years we have been very successful at shows and sales probably culminating with the 2 bulls sold in Perth in 2008, Mr Elivate and El Dorado (who you can see on the right) for 60,000 Guineas a record price paid for two bulls in one sale at Perth bull sales.

We run over 40 pedigree cows and have always selected strongly for easy calving, good strong legs and good udders, femininity and longevity with strong Angus traits, temperament and excellent E.B.V's.

On the politics side of the Aberdeen Angus world, in Perth Bob has done 7 years on the Aberdeen Angus council resulting in the presidency in 2003 which was thoroughly enjoyable. Also for the society Bob has judged a number of shows including the national show in 2010. Vanessa always enjoys attending shows socialising with many old friends and particular handing out rosettes to worthy winners as she releases how much work goes into each and every animal.

Fot the future of the Angus Vanessa and Bob feel that it can only go one way which is up. We are still investing in genetics with the purchase of Baldolia of Peak Dot which is considered the best female in the sale in 2008 and the recent purchase of DBRL Im Hedy from the Dispersal of Diamond B Ranch in Canada, this female can be tracked back to Willabar Hedy. Both these females have been flushed and we have many top quality embryo's. We have also purchased other females for flushing so the genetic pool will be forever expanding.

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